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At Curb Appeal Solutions, we offer cleaning services to Greenville, Simpsonville, Greer, and surrounding areas. With the spring season coming up quickly, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning the highest point of your home – your roof!

While it seems silly to clean a part of your home that will be washed when it rains, this doesn’t mean that the debris is actually being removed from your roofing. At Curb Appeal Solutions we uses specialist detergents on your roof, removing the algae, lichen. dirt, debris, and more from your shingles… and in some cases, actually help extend the longevity of your home’s roof!

When you take a look at your roof on your Simpsonville home, what do you see? Chances are you’re noticing black streaks on your asphalt. These black streaks are not just dirt – it’s actually algae! More specifically, an alga called Gleo Capsamagma. This little monster loves the limestone in your shingles, and takes up residence on your roof – causing damage in the long run!

In Greenville and Greer, this algae will show up as well! Using Curb Appeal Solutions to clean your roof, we will remove this algae completely, and save you the potential cost of a new roof! Professional roof cleaning costs a fraction of the price of a new roof, and can even help extend the life cycle of your roof – just by hiring us to do a soft-wash! Cleaning your roof will not only get rid of dirt and algae, but it can help you save on energy costs! Think about it – if your roof is gathering dirt, the sun will quickly absorb into the shingles, causing your home to heat up quickly – and making it incredibly difficult and less efficient to cool down.

Using a low pressure soft wash technique, Curb Appeal Solutions will come to your home in Greenville, Greer, or Simpsonville and clean your roof. As long as the weather is above 50 degrees, your roof can be cleaned – no need to wait for specific weather!
Our technicians will arrive at a time that is convenient for you and your family, and immediately get to work! Why do we use low pressure washing? High pressure cleaning of your roof isn’t a great plan. High pressure doesn’t get the dirt off your roof. While it may look like it does, the dirt and debris is still hiding there under the surface of your shingles.

With low pressure washing, we use specialized detergents and soaps to ensure that we get to the bottom of the issue – and really clean those shingles! Another reason that high pressure washing is a no no on roofs is simple – asphalt shingles are not meant to take the beating of a high pressure wash.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, Curb Appeal Solutions is so confident that you will be beyond happy with your new cleaner roof, we provide a no hassle 5 year warranty on whole roof cleanings! That’s right – we know we’ll do such a great job that we guarantee your satisfaction for 5 years!

Call Curb Appeal Solutions today for a free quote, and get your roof cleaned before the summer heat arrives!

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