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Low Pressure Washing service in Greenville SC 02


The softwash process is a term that describes low pressure cleaning. Using a pressure or if you prefer a power washer on a buildings surface can cause damage that can be beyond repair. Softwashing allows for the proper amount of pressure to be applied to clean the exterior surfaces with causing damaging. This is created using the volume of water needed from a professional grade pressure washer but with a few modifications that allow the volume but soft enough pressure that you could spray your hand. This reduce pressure along with correct soaps and detergents clean exterior surfaces beautifully with out causing damage. Visit this page for more details and pricing.

Low pressure roof cleaning accomplishes a couple of thing. First it removes unsightly staining caused by algae, lichens and mold. Secondly it can literally save your roof for early replacement, as one algae in particular is eating the limestone out of the asphalt shingles on your roof. Our low pressure roof cleaning service can allow you to receive the full life out of your roof and maintain curb appeal at the fraction of the cost of replacement. See our Roof Cleaning page for more details and instant pricing.

Make no mistake about it not all insurance policies are created equal.  Many contractors with no bad intentions are often time either under insured or carry the wrong type of insurance.  The most common type of insurance carried would be General Liability this insurance only covers if a contractor were to injure a person while on your property, your property itself is NOT covered.  For this reason our policy not only covers General Liability but also what is called Care and Custody which means when we work on your home it is now under our care and custody and if something were to happen you can rest easy knowing everything is cared for by our $1,000,000 policy.  Yes it does cost us a little more but carrying Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning specific insurance protects everyone. Not only can you rest easy knowing your property is completed protected but also feel safe knowing that all technicians on your property are covered with our Workers Compensation insurance

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