Curb Appeal Solutions Offers Professional Grade Commercial Window Cleaning

A clean window is an outward sign that you care about your building. Dirty windows not only impede the ability to see, but they are also unsanitary. We are specialist when it comes to cleaning windows to the point where they are crystal clear. At Curb Appeal Solutions, we have the most efficient equipment needed to clean your windows without wasting water.

image6Why Choose A Professional?

Our team is trained, and our expertise will be evident every time you look out of your window. Sending a novice on a ladder to clean your higher level windows can be dangerous if they are not properly trained and experienced to perform the job. Our team is confident, and we use ladders and poles that are an industry standard and kept in the best condition. Our equipment is regularly inspected to ensure the safety of our team and your building, and we also carry an insurance policy that covers your windows while we are on your property.

The Curb Appeal Solutions Difference

We believe that your window is not clean if you can see streaks. We offer a thorough cleaning that is streak and smear free. Depending on the location of your office, your window could be susceptible to animal waste, tree sap, or other unseemly window grime. We use professional grade equipment and industry practices to cut through any manner of contaminants that may be affixed to your windows. We use a cleaning process that removes dirt, grime, and waste from the glass. While we do not clean storm windows, there is not a commercial window job that is too difficult for our team of skilled cleaning professionals. We use window cleaning solutions that are safe for your business and employees. We understand that you care about the environment around your workspace, and we too are committed to using environmentally friendly cleaning agents. When untrained technicians clean windows, they sometimes use unprofessional soaps and cleaning agents, and eventually the residue from those cleansers seep back to the surface of those windows because they were never fully eliminated during rinsing. We clean your windows using the most modern and efficient resources, and when we are done your windows will be thoroughly clean.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

At Curb Appeal Solutions, we can plan a regularly scheduled cleaning program that can free your mind from worrying about the outward appearance of your building. We offer cleaning programs to fit any budget and time constraint. Feel free to call our team of professionals to schedule an appointment or consultation. We are committed to the Greenville community. We are your neighbor, and we are the perfect local exterior cleaning solution. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded and ready to serve your window cleaning needs.