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After a long winter and short spring, Greenville is finally full swing into summer months.

School is out, pools are open, and temperatures are rising into the crazy high digits. At Curb Appeal Solutions, we manage to keep cool even while working outside to clean the exterior of Greer homes.

Our services are geared to making your home look like new, and providing you a great exterior that you can show off to your friends and family. Using Curb Appeal Solutions to complete the heavy cleaning like windows, patios, and siding is fine, but there are other tips for you to make your back yard ready for summer!

  1. Add lighting! Lighting can really change the feeling of a space. Using twinkle lights, strung bulbs, or even fun flamingo lights is a great way to add personality to your backyard area. Purchase a few strings of outdoor lights, and use rubber hooks to secure them to fences or pergolas!
  2. Take care of your garden and gardening tools. Nothing is worse than setting a time to garden, only to discover your gardening sheers are dull. Fix this issue by keeping a planter filled with sand a few drops of essential oil, When you’re not using your gardening tools, store them blade down into the sand. This will prevent rusting, and keep them sharp and ready for use!
  3. Help out the environment and plant some plants! Gardens can become the focal point of your backyard if you choose. Even if you are just starting your flower beds or vegetable gardens, keeping pants sturdy with dowel rods as they grow, helps keep them growing in a healthy direction, and gives you more room to work with for planting more!
  4. Add a water source. Who doesn’t like to sit by a lake, stream, or ocean? Adding a water source to your backyard gives a great place for you and your guest to find a place for a calming retreat. It isn’t necessary to add an expensive feature to your backyard, something simple as a DIY potted fountain is perfect!
  5. Add additional shade to your sitting area. While the summer months are all about gorgeous weather and sitting outside in the heat, sometimes it can become unbearable, especially in South Carolina. That’s where extending your shaded area can become a great help. Add a few umbrellas, or retractable canopy to your outdoor sitting area, and keep guests (and yourself!) comfortable!

These are just a few different ways you can make your backyard ready for summer parties. Curb Appeal Solutions will gladly come by and get your siding cleaned and sparkling using our own soft washing technique. We also clean debris and dirt from patios and driveways, and can ensure that your patio will be ready for that next barbeque!

We also do windows, both exterior and interior, and provide the best possible service to all of our clients. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the jobs that we perform, we  ask that you let us know right away to allow us to make it right.

Call Curb Appeal Solutions today and get your home ready for summer!

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