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While homes are almost always our most valuable assets, and they’re the places where so many of our fondest memories are made, they’re somehow quite easy to take for granted. Nowhere is this truer than with the exterior appearance of our homes. It’s much easier to notice when the inside of your home is a bit untidy – that’s where you spend all your time after all – but when the outside is looking a bit grubby it can often go unobserved by the owner. 

There are various reasons you might want to make your home look a bit more attractive. You might want to impress someone – a friend or family member, perhaps. It’s perfectly understandable; we won’t judge you! You might simply take pride in having a well-maintained home. Another possibility, which we encounter often, is that people who are selling their homes want to make them look as appealing as possible. We’ve seen this all across our home state of South Carolina; from Greenville to Greer, from Fountain Inn to Travelers Rest.

Whatever your motivation, we’ve gathered together a few top tips for way to quickly and easily improve your curb appeal.

  • Scrub those windows!

Windows are one of the first things which people notice when they see a house, especially if they’re seeing it for the first time. If your window cleaning outfit of choice aren’t diligent with their visits, it can be easy to let time pass by and allow your windows to become dirtier. To people you know this can unfairly imply that you don’t look after your house. To potential buyers, it creates an unfavorable first impression in a situation where first impressions are crucial.

You can clean your windows yourself, but the difference in results compared to hiring professionals will be substantial, even to the untrained eye. Without the proper equipment, and techniques, your windows can end up looking streaky and even scratched, when they could be perfectly transparent!

  • Pressure wash your paths

OK, so we’re not just going to discuss paths – we put that there for the alliteration! Really, to significantly improve your curb appeal, you’re going to want to have your patio, driveway, and any other exterior flooring cleaned.

Again, it’s perfectly normal not to notice when these surfaces are getting dirty: we’re guessing, since you live in happy South Carolina, you don’t spend a lot of time walking around with your eyes on the ground. But, as with windows, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone not so accustomed to your home will notice straight away.

The positive news is that this is easily solved. A good pressure washing will get rid of mold, red clay, and all that other bad stuff that naturally builds up over time. In fact, you could go out and buy yourself a pressure washer right now and get started!

We wouldn’t quite recommend going down that route, however. First of all, pressure washers are expensive! Secondly, they can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands, to both yourself and your surfaces. Thirdly, while pressure washing is fun (at least, to us it is!), it is a time-consuming process, especially for the unexperienced.

Pressure washing, perhaps even more than window cleaning, is something that’s best left in the hands of the professionals. Professionals such as Curb Appeal Solutions, for example!

  • Clean the house itself

We’ve talked about the parts around the house, and the windows in the house… but what about the house itself? Well, that might be the most important part of all!

When you’re selling your home, of course those other things help to boost your curb appeal, but the house itself is the real star attraction. The chances are that you’re more likely to notice when your house is looking a little grubby than, say, the driveway. However, we’re guessing that even though you notice it, you dismiss the idea of cleaning it because it seems like such a big job.

Well, we won’t lie to you, it is a big job! You’ll need a lot of equipment; more than just a pressure washer, if you want the job done properly. You’ll need a lot of time on your hands. And, of course, you’ll need to be careful: there’s a lot of money on the line, after all! We won’t beat around the bush with this one: this really is something for which you’re going to want to call in the professionals, for all the reasons we’ve mentioned and more.

So, is this all worth it?

When it comes to impressing friends or family, or simply wishing to have a cleaner house, only you can decide. We can reassure you, however, that you’ll be surprised at how quick and simple these jobs are (especially if you call in the professionals, like Curb Appeal Solutions).

When it comes to selling your home, the answer is… absolutely! You might be loath to pay other people for something you think you can do yourself, but trust us: this relatively small initial cost can end up increasing the sale price of your house by thousands of dollars.

If we’ve convinced you (and we hope that we have!), get in touch with Curb Appeal Solutions today. We can help you with all of the aforementioned services and more; in fact, we even offer a multi service discount, so we can get lots done for you at an even better price than usual!

If you live in our hometown of Greenville; in Greer, Simpsonville or Mauldin; or anywhere in upstate South Carolina; call us today and let’s get your home looking better than ever before!

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