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Throughout our days, we all see different advertisements of “going green” and making sure that our presence on this planet is friendly to the environment. Here in Greenville, Greer, and Simpsonville, we want to do the same with our cleaning service. At Curb Appeal Solutions, we make sure that our exterior cleaning services use eco-friendly detergents, AND we work to minimize our water usage.

We understand that keeping the environment safe and sound is important to everyone, and we want our clients to know that it is important to us as well. While we are green and eco-friendly, this does not change the satisfaction we provide to our residential and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on a job done beyond expectations, all while ensuring we adhere to our quality standards.

Why else would we maintain a five star Google rating? Our testimonials speak for themselves.

We want to help you clean the exterior of your home or business, and give it that “just built” curb appeal. We provide solutions like pressure washing, window cleaning, low pressure roof cleaning, and low pressure house washing.

Since we use eco-friendly cleaners we are doing our part to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal. It’s been proven that long-term exposure to harsh chemical cleaners can cause long term side effects for those in contact with them, and above all else, we pride ourselves on safety for all our staff.

Using these cleaners is also a great way for us to ensure you, our client, never worries about chemical cleaners getting into your landscaping and causing potential issues down the road. The cleaners we use are natural, so local flora and fauna won’t have adverse effects.

Another way we keep our services green by utilizing a process called “soft washing” where we’re able. This service is a low pressure cleaning tool that allows us to use less pressure (which means less water and cleaners) on your exterior. While we save on water and supplies, we are also ensuring that your home or office building isn’t being exposed to too high of pressure cleaning. This can sometimes lead to damage that cannot be repaired – and at Curb Appeal Solutions, we want our end product to shine, not have damage.

Living upstate, we run into the little problem of mold taking up residence on the exterior of our buildings. Our products will not only clean the mold from your siding, but it will KILL the mold as well, all while using a low pressure cleaning solution.

Cleaning exteriors is not all we do – we cover all areas of your Greenville building! Why not add on a window cleaning while we’re already working on your exterior? Remember, regardless of what we’re cleaning for you, we always strive to minimize our water usage. We haven’t found a reason to keep water flowing unnecessarily, and since we’re conscious of what we’re utilizing, we can keep costs down for our clients!

If you are in the Greer or Simpsonville area and need to clean up your home or business before spring, and want to do your part to help out the environment, reach out to Curb Appeal Solutions today! We’re waiting for your call.


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