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How to Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money

If you are putting your home up for sale in Greenville congratulations we hope you sell fast and make some money and we would love to help you do that. If on the other hand your home has been sitting on the market for some time or the offers just aren’t what you were hoping for, again we would be happy to help.

The reality is both buying and selling a home is a very stressful time for a variety of reasons and for home a seller in a competitive real estate market like here in Greenville, Simpsonville and Greer you need to make sure your home stands out from the rest. You already know that so when you picked a real estate agent or decided to sell by owner you made sure you covered all your bases.

BUT First

Did you know according to a Money Magazine article washing your windows has some of the highest ROI of things to do when selling your home:

According to “Money” magazine, professional window cleaning yields the #1 return on investment for all pre-sale improvements! An investment with a 769% return is foolproof

sellyourhomeJune_Money_Cover“According to 2000 real estate agents surveyed by the real estate website and published in the June, 2003 issue of Money Magazine (page 106), washing windows is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling price.”

That makes sense doesn’t it? If you would first clean your car prior to selling why wouldn’t you clean up your home that is much much more expensive.

Other services that can make outstanding improvements for your Curb Appeal would be housewashing this would remove the potential eye sore and deal breaker of mold covering a home. Would you buy a house covered in mold? Of course not! Make sure you go above and beyond your competition in selling your home in Greenville.

Concrete-Cleaning-Greenville-SC-e1417214768643-112x150Greenville-pressure-washing-Simpsonville-e1417214844139-112x150Pressure Washing is another service that can make your home literally thousands of extra dollars. Imagine two homes on the same street in Thornblade over in Greer. One home has a black dirty driveway the other a bright clean driveway which home do you think will be more appealing?

If you are a real estate agent in Greenville set your listings above the rest we have worked with many real estate agents in the area and are a preferred vendor for C Dan Joyner helping that agency sell more real estate faster and for more money!

More importantly if you are current homeowner looking to sell or already have listed let’s get together and using the finest equipment and cleaning agents make your home look like a million bucks!

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