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A Few Secret Tips For Selling Your Home in Greenville

So as you know the real estate market in Greenville is beyond red hot and your interested in cashing in. The question is how can you get top dollar and what can you do to make your home stand out from the competition when selling your home in Greenville? These tips wil lhelp you sell your home faster in the Greenville market in 2017. Even better, you will be able to sell for more money!

Instead of wasting your time with a long list on how to sell your home we are going to give a few simple things that you can do it to make your home in Greenville sells fast in a competitive market.  In our over 10 years in business we have helped dozens of real estate agents help their clients prepare their  home ready for sale this allows you to receive some inside info.

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Tip #1 Set the Price Right in Greenville

Remember when you were a kid and you ordered a big meal and couldn’t finish only to hear your dad say, “your eye’s were bigger than your stomach?”  Well the same thing can happen when putting your home on the market. It’s easy to think “my home is the best on the block who,wouldn’t want to buy our home?”   Stop! That thinking is the problem of course your home is the best but to a buyer it’s just a house and the market will decide it’s value. So when you price your home just:

1. Find out what your home is worth and don’t argue with the result it’s worth what it’s worth.

2. Price it 5-10% below that.  WARNING this will cause a stampede of showings and multiple offers!  This will result not in you lowering your ask price during negotiations but instead asking perspective buyers of your home to offer their final and best.  Aw, a good ol’ bidding war that sounds good doesn’t it?  (Full disclosure I did this with the last home we sold and we ended up selling for 17k over ask price with multiple offers)

Tip #2 Make sure you have the Right Real Estate Agent in Greenville

Agents are easy to hate tough to love, why?  At times it feels like they aren’t working for you but working just to get a sale and a commission. However, if you get the right real estate agent in Greenville he or she will be easy to love.

  1. Ask a broker/agent for references
  2. How many homes have they sold in the past year?  Do they have any in contract currently?  You would be surprised to find out that most agents only sale 2-5 homes a year. Why would you want that real estate agent you want your home to sell!
  3. Do they know the community?
Tip #3 Clean up your home prior to listing

Why and earth would someone attempt to sell something for hundreds of thousands of dollars and not make it shiny and clean?  Shhh, here is the answer they are cheap and for that reason their home sits on the market longer with fewer offers and sells for less than other homes in the neighborhood.

  1. Invest a couple hundred dollars and have the windows cleaned the exterior pressure washed.  Even if you end up spending a little more the ROI (return on investment) will dwarf any prep costs.
  2. Call Curb Appeal Solutions today to have your windows cleaned, home soft washed or any other exterior cleaning you may need done.  This will make it easy for you instead of spending time cleaning up you will spend time counting the money as your home sells for a new record in the hot Greenville Real Estate market.

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