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The summer months are in full swing, and because of this more and more time is being spent by the pool! If you are lucky to have a pool in your own backyard, there are a few things to remember as pool season hits its peak!

At Curb Appeal Solutions, we not only want to ensure that your deck area is clean and clear of debris, but we want to ensure that you and your family have the information needed to maintain a safe pool party.

  1. Ensure your pool is secured properly. During our frequent visits to clean the exterior of homes in Greenville, we’ve seen some amazing fences built around home pools. This is a wonderful thing to remember when you decide to open your pool for the season, or even start the install of a new pool for your home!

Safety comes first, and a self latching gate surrounding your pool is the best way to keep accidents from happening. Remember to always lift or remove the ladder to prevent easy access into the pool waters when supervision isn’t provided.

  1. Keep children within eye sight at all times! With the weather that we see during the summer months in Greer, it is necessary for children to have a place to take a dip into cool water to keep the temperature down. But remember that children, even those that can swim, need to be supervised when they are in a pool at all times. A designated responsible party should be within eye sight at all times, and children that aren’t great swimmers should even consider wearing a life jacket while they swim.
  2. Clean your patio regularly! Curb Appeal Solutions provides the best power washing services in all of Greenville. We not only power wash your patio and surrounding areas around your pool, but through the power washing, we make the area safer for you and your family. Regular power washing can keep the area less slippery, and Curb Appeal Solutions can provide this service whenever your schedule allows.
  3. Keep your pool clean and sanitary. Regularly testing the chlorine levels and water quality of your pool is as important to safety as a setting rules and regulations for your swimmers. Algae can create a home in your pool without the proper chemical mixture, and this not only makes an unattractive place to swim, but it can be potentially harmful.
  4. Set rules for those that are swimming with you. This means no diving, no running, no hand stands, whatever applies to the depth and size of your pool. While pools are amazing recreational tools, safety is always first!

Here at Curb Appeal Solutions we hope you have an amazing summer, and hope to be your first call for exterior cleaning needs. In addition to power washing cement, we also provide soft washing services for delicate siding, windows, and much more.

We can’t wait to serve you and your family and increase the curb appeal of your home through a proper cleaning!

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