Soft Washing Greenville SC Commercial Buildings

Our commercial clients can expect only the most professional state of the art exterior cleaning services and equipment when they are working with the team at Curb Appeal Solutions. We have been leaders in the exterior cleaning of both residential and commercial structures in the Greenville area for many years.

image1 2Why Softwashing Service?

We care about maintaining the beauty of your exteriors as well as well as its structural integrity. It has been a long-established practice to pressure wash dirt and grime from the exterior of buildings regardless of the composition of the structure. However, the negative effects of pressure washing can be more damaging than the benefits if the exterior cleaning service is not well trained or knowledgeable about the amount of pressure to use with each type of material. Using too many pounds of pressure can result in the damage of your exterior finishes. The team at Curb Appeal Solutions is skilled in the expert removal of bacteria, mold, and mildew from any building, which can sometimes release harmful contaminants into the air if done with too much pressure.

The Soft Wash Difference?

There is a huge difference between pressure washing and softwashing a surface. First, pressure washing involves an excess of 3000 PSI, and most softwashing systems use fewer than 1000. At Curb Appeal Solutions, we use the same level of force as your standard garden hose to clean the exterior of your business. We can achieve the same professional standard of cleanliness based on our proprietary techniques. When you are choosing a professional firm to meet the softwashing needs of your commercial building, there are very important factors to consider. Ensuring that a team is professionally trained to wash your building is key. Even in lower pressure cleaning situations, there are still dangers to your building and personnel. Low-pressure detergent based cleaning methods are quickly becoming the professional standard in the industry in these cases. When contaminants that present a risk to your personnel and clientele are present, you need a qualified professional that will understand how to eliminate these health hazards in a timely and safe way. Softwashing, which uses a cleaning agent, is the only method proven reliable in the removal of harmful allergens from your buildings and structures. The industry standard for many professional exterior management companies has been to incorporate these softwashing techniques into our practice.

Our Customer First Commitment

At Curb Appeal Solutions, our team of professionals are licensed, bonded and trained to perform above industry standards, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each visit. Using softwashing techniques also involves using chemicals and detergents that should always be handled in a responsible and professional manner. You want a company that will care for your building and landscaping as much as you do. Any company that you choose should also be aware of what techniques will best meet your needs, which is why we also offer free appraisals and instant service quotes.